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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How and when are physical gift cards shipped and digital gift cards sent?
For both physical and digital gift card orders, once payment has been received, the order will be processed.

  • Physical Card Shipments: Orders received Monday through Friday before 12:00 p.m. Central Time, excluding US bank holidays, will be shipped on the same day. Orders received Monday through Friday after 12 p.m. Central Time or on bank holidays will ship on the next business day. All physical card shipments will be shipped in bulk to a single location.
  • Digital Card Sends: Orders are released once payment is received and sent individually to each recipient or available from within your Home Depot Corporate Gift Card Account if ordered in Bulk. Alternatively, for Direct Delivery, you can specify the date and time for your digital gift cards to be emailed.


Q: Are gift cards activated before they are shipped or emailed?
For physical gift cards: Activation occurs after the UPS confirmation is received. Until then, they are not active.

For digital gift cards: Once an order has been processed, gift cards are delivered in an active state to the requested email address.



Q: How do I check my Gift Card order status and delivery?
You can log in to the portal at any time to check the gift card status:

  • Login to your Home Depot Corporate Gift Card Account
  • Go to “My Orders”
  • Select the date range and click “Search”
  • Check the status column within the My Orders page
  • Status labels will display as either “In Progress” for orders received or “Complete” for orders shipped or digitally delivered.



Q: How are physical Gift Cards delivered?
Once your physical gift card order has shipped, you will receive an email with a shipment tracking number, which you may use to check the current shipping status of your order.

Physical gift card orders receive free, two-day priority shipping. Gift cards orders are bundled and labeled by denomination. A packing slip will be included. 



Q: How are digital Gift Cards delivered? 

  1. Direct Delivery
    Gift card(s) can be sent by email to recipients on your behalf directly from the system. You will be prompted to upload a spreadsheet of your recipients’ contact information. Recipients will receive an email notification containing a link to their digital gift card with prompts on how to access it.
  2. Digital Bulk Orders
    If you prefer to handle gift card distribution, you can securely download a spreadsheet with digital gift card links and corresponding challenge answers. Recipients will click the link and enter the challenge code you provided to access their Home Depot Digital Gift Card.

Q: Are there any fees if the gift cards are not used?
No, gift cards have no dormancy fees or other fees.

Q: What personalization options are available?

Digital Gift Cards can be personalized with a logo/photo or video, eGreeting card and custom message.

*Official Home Depot assets are available for marketing purposes upon request.


Q: Where can Home Depot gift cards be redeemed?
USA and Canadian Gift cards can be redeemed at any The Home Depot store location in the United States and Canada. 

Q: Are there restrictions on what can be purchased with the gift cards?

Yes, just a few. Gift cards cannot be applied to a credit or loan balance, Tool Rental Deposits or in-home purchases.



Q: Can Home Depot gift cards be redeemed for cash?
Gift card is valid for the purchase of merchandise/services at any The Home Depot® store in the USA, Canada and online (at and This Gift Card is not a credit/debit card and is not redeemable for cash or credit unless required by law.



Q: Is there an expiration date on Home Depot Corporate Gift Cards?

No, gift cards have no expiration dates. 



Q: Can lost or stolen Home Depot gift cards be replaced?
To replace a lost or stolen gift card, Submit a Request.


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